Music Connection - New Music Critiques: TheVoice 

TheVoice, has seen enough and she’s not gonna stand by quietly. Instead she gives voice to original songs that not only decry our “narcissist nation,” but offer inspiration and encouragement. Since she’s all about the message, TheVoice wisely sets her flows to beats and tracks that are spare, simple and uncluttered. “Nay Shun” nails our societal shortcomings to the wall and pleads for a higher consciousness.  For the full article click here!

Thisis50 -Exclusive Interview - TheVoice 

What is unique about you and your music? 

What's unique about me is that I am not a new comer. I am a Hip Hop Pioneer in my city. I've been emceeing for a while now. The world is just beginning to know me. What's unique about me and my music is...Me. There's not another me and nobody can tell my story the way I tell it. My story is my music and my music is heartfelt and soulful and at times hard to categorize. I have my own sound, style and flow and even though I can come across raw and/or with no filter I consciously choose sustainable substance; something you can resonate with.

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The Voice Within: Interview with Indie Hip Hop Pioneer, 'TheVoice' 

If ever there was any modern day proof of divine intervention, it would have occurred on July 14, 2014. The time would have been between 4 pm and 6 pm eastern time, and it would have taken place over two mobile devices. What made the encounter with ‘TheVoice’ so divine was that it was a much needed meeting of minds from different ends of the Hip-Hop spectrum. Coined as “a Pioneer of Hip-Hop“, ‘TheVoice’ was more of an uplifting messenger of truth than she was an interviewee. This was not an interview. This was a message that a powerful woman, an emcee, was destined to share and that Hip-Hop needed to hear. ‘TheVoice’, her voice, cool, calm and collected, but the rawness of her truth was piercing. 

Its difficult even to gauge when the interview began, it was literally a meeting of minds from the start; two schools of thought, bridging a gap over troubled waters. 

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